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Centre for Living with Dying

The Centre for Living with Dying serves children, adolescents, and adults who are dealing with grief and loss.

To receive services: Please contact Bill Wilson Center at (408) 243-0222 and ask for an Intake Counselor.

About the Centre for Living with Dying: BWC's Centre for Living with Dying program provides emotional support to adults and children facing life-threatening illness or the trauma of having a loved one die. The Centre also provides crisis intervention services and broad-based educational programs on grief and loss. Whether clients choose individual counseling or grief groups, they are gently given tools for coping with loss and trauma. Individual and small group grief support is available for adults, children, teens and families.

The Healing Heart Program, a special grief program offered by the Centre for Living with Dying, is a resource where families and youth can connect in life-altering times of grief and loss. The program offers grief groups for youth ages 5-17, as well as parent/caregiver groups to assist adults supporting children through the grieving process. For more information on the Healing Heart Program, please click here: Healing Heart Program

Other Special Services Include:

The Centre for Living with Dying is certified to provide law enforcement training, nurse training, clergy and mental health professional education and a variety of support groups, including survivors of suicide, survivors of homicide, breast cancer support, gay and lesbian grief support, parental grief and neo-natal grief.

For more information on any Centre for Living with Dying programs or counseling groups, please call (408) 243-0222.

Hear what others have to say about the Centre for Living with Dying:

"My experience at the Center for Living with Dying helped me get through the year of my husband's illness and passing and beyond. I found a caring, professional counselor who made, overall, a safe place for me. I've learned to be gentle with myself, to acknowledge I can tackle practical matters my partner had handled. I was not dismissed when I shared the comforting sense that my husband was and is still with me. I was helped with solid tools and an intangible but valuable aura of support that helped me, and in turn, my children, to progress through an extremely challenging time."
- Centre for Living with Dying Client

"The support I have found at Bill Wilson Center is helping me deal with my loss."
- Centre for Living with Dying Client

"Couples therapy has helped me to communicate with my husband a lot better."
- Centre for Living with Dying Client

"Your CISM debriefing saved my life. I was thinking of killing myself after the death of two children in a car fire because I couldn't save them, and now you have saved me."
- Firefighter, Critical Incident Stress Management Client

"I was so impressed with your agency and the CISM training. Your words heal people and your agency provides a wonderful service to the entire community."
- Therapist, Critical Incident Stress Management Team Coordinator

"I am committed to being a compassionate dispatcher again. Thank you for giving me my heart back."
- Dispatcher, Critical Incident Stress Management Trainee

The Centre for Living with Dying is supported by Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs.