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About BWC

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions.

  • How do I get set up with Bill Wilson Center services?

    In order to receive Bill Wilson Center services, you must first speak with an Intake Counselor to determine which program is best for your situation. Your intake appointment will occur over the phone and typically lasts about 15 minutes. Please contact Bill Wilson Center at (408) 243-0222 and ask for an Intake Counselor.
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  • How do I find a Safe Place?

    Youth in need of a Safe Place can walk into any business displaying a yellow safe place symbol, any public bus or light rail in Santa Clara County, or our office here at 3490 The Alameda in Santa Clara. If you are in need of a safe place and don't know where to go, you can text the word SAFE and your current location (street address, city, state) to 69866 and you will receive a text message directing you to the nearest Safe Place location, youth shelter, or hotline number.
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  • What is the cost of Bill Wilson Center services?

    Bill Wilson Center has many services available that have no fees. Those programs and services that do have fees are based on a sliding scale determined by each individual's income and expenses. Income verification is required and you will be asked to provide the verification at the time of your intake appointment.
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  • Can I use my medical insurance to pay for services?

    Bill Wilson Center does not provide private insurance billing for our services. Medi-Cal billing is available for our Youth & Family Mental Health Program as well as our Transition Age Youth Mental Health Program.
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  • How do I find out if a program is right for my child?

    If you have reviewed our Program descriptions and are still unsure if a program is appropriate for your child, please contact Bill Wilson Center at (408) 243-0222 and ask for an Intake Counselor.
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  • What types of support groups does Bill Wilson Center offer?

    Bill Wilson Center offers a number of support groups through our Centre for Living with Dying program. Topics include coping with the loss of a parent, spouse or child, living with life threatening illness and dimensions of grief just to name a few. For more detailed information on Bill Wilson Center support groups, please click here.
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  • How do I become a volunteer?

    There are a number of ways you can get involved and make a positive change in someone's life by volunteering with Bill Wilson Center. All volunteers must attend an orientation meeting, clear a background check, and complete in-person training for the program they wish to volunteer in. For more information about becoming a Bill Wilson Center volunteer visit our Volunteer Page or contact Heather Furuta at (408) 850-6138 or
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  • Is there a minimum age to be a Bill Wilson Center volunteer?

    Bill Wilson Center has both adult and youth volunteer opportunities. Adult volunteers must be at least 18 years old. High school aged youth may volunteer by creating fundraising or donation programs. For more information on Bill Wilson Center volunteer opportunities, please click here.
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  • How do I join a tour of Bill Wilson Center?

    To attend a tour, please contact Crescencia Sanchez at For more information on Bill Wilson Center tours, please visit our Tours page.
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  • How do I make a donation to Bill Wilson Center?

    Make a secure online donation by visiting BWC's donation page, mail in a check or call (408) 850-6129. Donations can be mailed to Bill Wilson Center, 3490 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 95050. For more ways you can donate to Bill Wilson Center, please click here.
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  • What items does Bill Wilson Center accept as donations?

    Bill Wilson Center welcomes donations such as gift cards, new clothing, baby supplies, toiletries, food and cars. Also, check out our Amazon Wish List, or contact us at (408) 243-0222.
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  • What is Bill Wilson Center's Tax ID#?

    Our Tax ID number is 94-2221849.
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