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We are always thrilled to hear from past clients and learn how the assistance they received at Bill Wilson Center changed their life for the better. We would like to share some of those stories with you here.

"After my divorce I was a pretty messed up single mom looking in every direction for help for counseling with my 2 pre-teen children. I found and took advantage of the counseling services here at the Bill Wilson Center. I even put myself through their parenting classes, which I really needed. The kids fought me every ounce of the way when they were going through counseling here, but I was diligent and after about 6 months I thought ok, they either are ok or they are not…

Now today almost 9 years after that struggle, I get a call from my daughter who asked me to baby sit so she can make an appointment for counseling at the Bill Wilson Center. I can’t tell you how choked up I am. For her to know and understand that counseling is important and help is out there if you just take the steps to get it… I am so proud of her and I am proud of myself now for making those hard decisions and fighting for the counseling I knew they needed when everyone around me said they would grow out of it… I know I taught them a valuable lesson and guided them with your help to the wonderful kids they are today… Still young but so aptly strengthened with the right tools… Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

~ Gina C. - Family & Individual Counseling Client

"My experience at the Bill Wilson Center was amazing. People there were very understanding, and the staff was always there to talk to me, the one thing that I do miss about the Bill Wilson Center was the staff, they made me feel loved and helped me out sooo much. I was in the Bill Wilson Center for 4 weeks, I had some great experiences; I'm only 14 years old right now but I got my self on track. I would love to volunteer at the Bill Wilson Center someday and I would love to show kids the right way to get somewhere where they always dreamed of because at Bill Wilson that’s what they taught me! Thank you sooo much for having the Bill Wilson Center available to teens, it helps a lot."

~ Gabby - Runaway & Homeless Youth Shelter Client

"When I first met someone at the Bill Wilson Drop-In Center I had been out on the streets for over a year. I traveled around here and there and finally ended up in San Jose under a bridge with some people I met when I got here.

I met Drew and Thang while I was out panhandling. They told me all the things the Drop had to offer and that I should come by to check it out. I did and I was able to get help, food, lockers, laundry, and other things. They had a doctor that was cool and I took care of some other stuff with my case manager like getting my birth certificate back from my dad who lives out of state.

After a while I got sick of living on the streets and dealing with all that drama all the time and they let me know about some housing things that were available around so I was able to get into a shelter program. I hope to come back and work at the Drop-In one day as a counselor. The Drop-In saved my life when I was on the streets and I hope that they can continue to help kids like me for a while."

~ Marcus - Drop-In Center Client

"Bill Wilson Center taught me that even though there is adversity and difficulties in your life, you can still make it through and achieve something in your life. Your goals should not have anything to do with the bad way in which we might have been brought up, or our ethnicity, but it has everything to do with what we want to achieve in our life. There may be much opposition to achieving our goal, but if we can overcome those challenges, then we can do anything we want with our life, and that includes going to college and getting into a very good career. We just have to persevere through it. I have learned that your past and current situation does not have to define your future, and we can do anything we want with our life, as long as we are willing to work for it."

~ Lindsay - Youth Revolution Participant

Do You Have a Story to Share?

If you have a personal experience with Bill Wilson Center that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at Testimonials.