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About BWC

Our Impact

More than 4,900 people participated in our counseling, housing, education, foster care, mental health, shelter and basic needs programs. Bill Wilson Center’s hot lines and street outreach programs connected with more than 109,000 people.

The benefits of social service safety nets such as Bill Wilson Center are numerous. Bill Wilson Center services not only address the various needs of individuals in our community, they also equate to long-term economic savings at the State and County level.

Below are a few highlights from last year showing the deeper impact of Bill Wilson Center services.

  • Safety Net Shelter
    • BWC’s Shelter helped 167 runaway and homeless youth (ages 11-17) with counseling and housing services. With the skills learned at BWC ... 89% of the youth reunited with family or exited to a stable placement.

  • Drop-In Center
    • 356 homeless youth ages 13-24 were served at the Drop-In Center
    • 127 youth utilized our Respite services
    • 10,980 meals were served at the Drop-In Center
  • Family Advocacy Services
    • 202 students and their families on the verge of homelessness were able to remain in their homes due to BWC’s FAS school-based program. This allowed 70% of the youth to improve their academic grades.

  • Counseling
    • 1,696 individuals received help through BWC's various counseling programs.
    • 208 people were served by BWC's grief counselors.
    • BWC's Critical Intensive Stress Management (CISM) team reached 3,487 community members.