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May 10-20: Sheltering in Place Without a Home

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Bill Wilson Center's Building Dreams 2021 will remain a virtual fundraiser. This year's online campaign, Sheltering in Place Without a Home, will take place May 10-20.

Sheltering in Place Without a Home will be BWC’s largest annual fundraiser. The more than $200,000 raised each year is critical to supporting the programs and services that are vital to the safety and survival of our county’s homeless youth and families. Your ongoing support enables BWC to provide housing for thousands of youth and families every year.

For more information connect with Vanessa Caustrita at 626-716-7931 or

Presenting Sponsor for the 2021 Building Dreams fundraising campaign: "Sheltering in Place Without a Home"

Bronze Dreamer Sponsors:

2021 Building Dreams Sponsorship Opportunities

As a 2021 Sheltering in Place without a Home sponsor you will show your commitment to Bill Wilson Center’s plan to end youth and family homelessness and protect the most vulnerable populations from COVID-19.