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How to Become a Foster Parent

Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) Training or Treatment Foster Care of Oregon (TFCO)

This training equips foster parents with the tools to care for a host of behavioral issues that could arise with their foster child. After completing the initial Family Preparation training, specialized foster parents will receive additional training on de-escalation and intervention techniques when working with challenging behaviors.

Foster homes are desperately needed for our newest specialized program called Treatment Foster Care of Oregon (TFCO). TFCO is a national model that is recognized as an evidence based practice and has generated much success for middle school to high school youth in as short as 6-9 months! Foster Parents are trained in how to administer a Point and Level System supported by research on youth with social and behavior problems and their treatment. The three key elements focus on the development of pro-social skills, the use of tangible rewards to motivate youths’ pro-social development and sanctions to suppress their problem behaviors. The third element is the system’s ability to address a challenge typically faced by people working with youth who exhibit problem behaviors by eliminating the youth’s sense of feeling treated “unfairly” and discourage feelings of victimization. TFCO foster parents receive $2400/month for a “One Home, One Child” youth who is carefully matched to your family.