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How to Become a Foster Parent

Concurrent Foster Care (Foster to Adoptive Homes)

Concurrent Foster Parenting is a great option for those families who may be interested in long term, permanent or adoptive care. Building connections with our youth is a core value of Bill Wilson Center. We know that every time a child has to move to another placement, it often results in a setback to that child and adds to potential feelings of being unwanted, unloved and undeserving. This results in hopelessness and helplessness where the child resorts to unhealthy behaviors that give them the illusion of feeling safe.

Children need stability and caring adults to guide, coach, mentor and love them. Concurrent foster care provides a caring home for a foster child or a group of siblings while the birth parents work on improving their lives with the goal of reunifying with their children. The foster parents will be asked to be an adoptive home for the child if the birth parents fail to meet court requirements to reunify and regain custody of their child.