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Tips for Peers When Your Friend Is Facing Homelessness:

You are at school and one of your classmates confides in you that he was “kicked out” of his home recently, and has no place to stay. He asks if he can bunk with you for a few days, while he figures out his next step. Of course you say “yes”, and you bring him home with you after school. You ask yourself how can you help your friend? Here are some tips….
• Just telling your friend that you’re concerned can be a big help. Your friend may not want to talk about his situation, but talking about it might just be the best thing to do.

• Assure your friend you are there for him and that he is not alone.

• Suggest that he speak to a trusted adult. Maybe there’s a family friend, a teacher, or even your own parent who could help your friend figure out what his options are.

• Let your friend know that there are resources out there that can help him. Try to work together to help your friend find solutions to his problems. There is help out there if you keep looking for it.

• Tell your friend that even though it will be hard, stay in school and focus on what you can control, like self-dignity and education. That’s something nobody can take away from you.

• If you are in Santa Clara County and looking for resources, contact Bill Wilson Center at 408-850-6125 for housing information for youth and young adults