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Young Adult Shelter

Short-term shelter for young adults (ages 18-24) designed to act as a bridge between homelessness and transitional housing.

Bill Wilson Center's Young Adult Family Shelter (YAFS) program offers short and long-term stabilization for young adult families where the qualifying client is a young adult ages 18-24 in Santa Clara County. The Young Adult Family Shelter provides a short-term housing option within the shelter of up to 6 months. While at the shelter clients can participate in a variety of life skills development workshops such as resume building, cooking and healthy eating, as well as other self-care supports.

BWC’s intervention assistance is offered without preconditions — like employment, income, absence of criminal record, or sobriety — and the resources and services provided are tailored to the unique needs of the household.

Young Adult Family Shelter clients can receive a variety of assistance, including: Shelter housing, rental assistance, housing relocation, stabilization services, and case management.

The fundamental goal of the program is to keep a person from becoming chronically homeless and is an important component of our community’s response to homelessness.