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Drop-In Center

Drop In Center

Program requirements: BWC's Drop-In Center serves homeless youth ages 14 - 24.

To receive services: Stop by the Drop-In Center, located in Downtown San Jose at 693 South 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95112.

About the Drop-In Center: The Drop-In Center is a safe place where young people and young parent families can begin to form bonds with caring adults and access essential resources for their overall well-being. The primary goal of the program is to get homeless youth into safe and permanent housing. Services at the Drop-In Center include basic necessities such as food, personal care items and access to phone, computers and email. Showers and washer and dryer facilities are also available free of charge. Support services are also provided at the Drop-In Center. These services address a variety of needs including housing referrals, mental health services, job readiness training, education support and substance abuse counseling.

Location & Hours

The Drop-In Center is located at 693 South 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95112.
Call 408-925-0231 for current HOURS OF OPERATION

Additional Services

In addition to providing the basic necessities for homeless youth and young parent families, the Drop-In Center offers a variety of other services designed to help them take charge of the direction of their lives and start shaping their future.


Our overnight respite program provides a safe and welcoming environment for up to 10 guests each night, offering them temporary relief and support during challenging times.

Contact Information: (408) 925-0231