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Child Abuse Treatment Program

This is a No-Cost Program

Do You Know a Child Who:
...has been a victim of physical or sexual abuse?
...has experienced neglect or abandonment?
...has witnessed or experienced domestic violence?
...has a parent that uses drugs?

Bill Wilson Center can help.
Therapists are available to provide comprehensive treatment and psychotherapy to children and youth who do not have access to services due to lack of resources or available programs.

Youth ages 2—17 who do not qualify for MediCal Services or the Victim Witness Program.

Services are provided free of charge and are intended for people who do not qualify for the Victim Witness program.

Santa Clara County’s Victim Witness Assistance Center has trained and experienced Victim Advocates to work with victims, witnesses and their families throughout the criminal justice process. They serve as the liaison between the victims, prosecutor, law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies.

If you know any children or teens who you 
think might benefit from these services, 
please contact our CHAT Case Manager at:
(408) 850-6145.