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Bill Wilson Center CISM Team Responds to SJ State Fire

Many of you heard about the five-alarm fire that broke out at a San Jose State fraternity house last Tuesday. What you may not have heard is that Bill Wilson Center’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team was on-site as well providing crisis intervention services to citizens and first responders.

The fire destroyed the homes of 28 students; wiping out the entire second story of the home. Imagine all of your belongings - clothing, family photos, and keepsakes - lost forever to a fire.

Oftentimes, when there has been a death or critical incident in our schools, neighborhoods, businesses or community, lives are forever changed. The impact of trauma and crises can be far reaching. Some may feel the impact of trauma immediately, while others may take more time to process the emotions that arise.

Our CISM Team is trained to address Critical Incident Stress, which is a physical and/or psychological response to events that provoke unusually strong emotions. The CISM Team responds to crises in our community with immediate support and intervention, bringing people together in a safe and non-judgmental place to understand that our different stress responses are normal and to give and receive support. We are grateful to be able to provide this service to our community, however difficult it may be.

For more information on Bill Wilson Center’s CISM program, please visit our website: