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HIV Wellness & Awareness ZOOM Gathering

Friday, July 24, 2020 8:35 am - 3:30 pm
Location: ZOOM
In honor of Bill Wilson Center’s HIV+ Rejuvenation Retreat!

Special Speakers - Doctors, Community Representatives
Dr. Joseph Cooper, MD – Infectious Disease – PACE Clinic
Dr. Dean Winslow, MD – Infectious Disease – Retired PACE Clinic / Stanford volunteer
Dr. Lawrence M. McGlynn, MD – Psychiatry – Stanford / PACE Clinic
Ken Yeager, Santa Clara County Representative

Created in collaboration with our community partners!
Community Partners
Office of LGBTQ Affairs – Crystal Haney
PACE HIV Clinic – Nelda David, RN Case Director / PACE Clinic Admin Staff
Santa Clara County HIV Commission – (Speaker) Chair, Claire Nartkar / HIV Commissioner, HIV Commissioner, Daniel Canales
Bill Wilson Center – Dr. Janet Childs / Brianna Ferreira, LMFT/Sue Cronin
The Health Trust – (Speaker) Michele Lew, CEO / Molly Herzig, MSW/ Jenn Vanaman, MSW / Yolanda Araujo
Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center – (Speaker) Gabriella Antolovich, Board President
Project MORE Foundation – Nathan Svoboda, President (I.T. / Marketing Support)
Plan Parenthood – Leah Carig, Education Manager
AACI / Asian Americans for Community Involvement – Fahrenheit Lozano
Silicon Valley Pride – Nicole Altamirano
Santa Clara County Public Health – Victoria Contreras (I.T. Support)
Contact Information:
Brianna Ferreira, LMFT
(408) 278-2513