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Tour BWC's Safety Net Shelter Online!

Bill Wilson Center is pleased a virtual tour of our Safety Net Shelter.

This 13-minute video provides a unique opportunity to learn more about Bill Wilson Center and to see how our shelter helps the youth that we serve.

Our goal for this tour is to help members of our community understand the ways Bill Wilson Center is working to prevent poverty by building connections for youth and families in Santa Clara County. We will be sharing information such as:

For additional information, please contact Vanessa Caustrita at 408-850-6129 or

Below are some comments from past tour attendees:

"I felt like I was at a place where miracles occur! I had no idea of the scope of Bill Wilson Center activities."

"You are filling so many needs. I could tell that staff cares passionately for the kids; it was very moving to see the director's eyes tear up as she told about a client success."

"I wish there had been a place like Bill Wilson Center when I was a teenager. I liked hearing about your collaborations, and how you help keep kids out of the court system."