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Performance and Quality Improvement Plan

Dear Board Members, Staff, Volunteers and Service Recipients;

Bill Wilson Center promotes a culture that values excellence and continual improvement. We work hard on adhering to established standards of excellence and accepted best practices. By integrating these standards into everything we do as an agency, we ensure that the service we provide is the highest quality, that our administration is efficient and accountable, and that our resources are fully committed to our mission to serve those in crisis and prevent homelessness.

Because we believe that quality improvement is so important, we have established a Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) committee that is responsible for overseeing the full process which is detailed in our PQI Operational Plan. This plan describes how we gather information through many avenues including client surveys, case record reviews, staff satisfaction surveys, the Strategic Plan, and a review of incidents, accidents and grievances. After reviewing the collected data, we identify areas that need improvement and implement changes. We set goals and performance targets in our long and short term planning and review and revise them annually. This is an ongoing process throughout the agency. The result of our client surveys, staff satisfaction surveys, and financial reports are communicated through the annual report. You can find our latest annual report, the Performance and Quality Improvement Plan, and our annual program survey results on our website.

We are proud of the work our staff does every day helping youth and families in our community get back on their feet. However, it takes all of us working together to really make a difference in the lives of those we serve. It takes a concerted effort to address areas of concern, offer suggestions for improvement, make a change to what isn’t working well and celebrate the success of our efforts. We consider you an important part of the team, whether you are a board member, staff member, volunteer, donor, partnering agency, neighbor in our community, or our client. Your input is always valued. For this purpose, we invite you to offer any questions, suggestions or feedback you may have at Thank you for being a part of this collaborative effort of helping those in need.

Sparky Harlan, CEO