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Quetzal House

Program requirements:
Quetzal House serves girls ages 13-17 who are chronic runaways from the Santa Clara County Foster Care System.

This program is only for girls ages 13-17 who are in foster care. Social workers who would like to refer a teen to the program should call 408-243-0222.

About Quetzal House:
Quetzal House serves as a stable and nurturing environment for girls who are chronic runaways from the Foster Care System. At Quetzal House, girls receive the counseling, support and life skills training they need to feel safe, supported and successful in transitioning to longer term placements. One of the things that distinguishing characteristics of the Bill Wilson Center is our "no fail" guiding principle: We believe that everyone can be successful and we keep trying. This approach is working at Quetzal House. Quetzal House is named after the Quetzal bird, which dies when kept in captivity.