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Complex Grief Group

Are you experiencing complex grief due to the loss of a loved one(s)?

If so, we invite you to join BWC’s Centre for Living with Dying’s Complex Grief Group.

When death happens under tragic/violent circumstances our feelings can be more complex and difficult to resolve.  The Complex Grief Group provides a safe and confidential place to grieve and to receive support from others who are going through a difficult passage of bereavement. We provide tools for coping, and for working through complex feelings that come with sudden and tragic loss.

This group is intended for adults (ages 18+) and meets for an 10-week series.  Afterwards, group members may choose to register for additional series along with new members who have joined.
To enroll in the group, call Bill Wilson Center at (408) 850-6145 and  ask to speak with an intake counselor.  
We are here for you!