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Future Fund

Our Future Fund is an incubator for launching new programs outside the realm of traditional funding avenues.

Raise at least $1 million in capital
to dramatically scale up services
and reach many more young adults.

Our outcomes are three times better than the national average.

New data is showing a growing need to help young adults, regardless of economic status, learn the life skills for independence and self-sufficiency.

The economic recession of 2008 is having lasting effects on our youth and their ability to find stable housing, employment, and time to build the skills necessary to maintain a healthy and self-sufficient life. Classes are over-subscribed, tuitions are higher than ever, and unemployment among young adults is at a record high – 56%!

Our Future Fund Initiative will begin to address these issues in new and unconventional ways.

The Future Fund is designed to provide donors the opportunity to invest with Bill Wilson Center to develop new services that connect with young adults.

Contact Sparky Harlan, Bill Wilson Center's CEO at 408.243.0222.